MMC 22 at River City

MMC 22 at River City

The Indigos, Jake Tavill & the Indigo Child Blues Band, Laura Cheadle, Badluxe, Cubbage

Sat. Feb 24, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


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The Indigos
The Indigos
The Indigos is an Indigroove rock band from Muncie, IN. They originated from a recording project lead by Producer Patrick Weaver who asked lead singer and songwriter Matt Mellen to record one of his songs titled “In Eternity”. During the session Patrick introduced Matt to drummer and songwriter Matas Olsauskas. After a 3-hour studio session they decided to start a band with accompanying guitarist Brandon Brookshear.
Over the next year the band recruited, rehearsed, and performed under the name I, The Indigo. After going through almost a dozen musicians they solidified their ensemble of 8 members, including keyboard, multiple vocalist, and a full horn section. The Indigos style combines the music of rock, indie, modern pop, jazz, groove, alternative, and blues music. Their sound continues to evolve as the band and members themselves evolve.
The name The Indigos comes from the idea of being Indigo, or those from a generation who are more in touch with their higher selves. They are able to identify their dreams and desires, pursue, and then help others do the same. We always strive to spread the joy of music and love wherever we go, and include all of those who want to be apart of this amazing experience.

We like to say our genre is "Indigroove" because of its groovy roots meshed with our collective rock 'n' roll influences. Already the size of a baseball team and working on becoming a football team, we have depth of diversity with a central focus on creating our unique brand of music so that our fans can get in, get in the groove.
Jake Tavill & the Indigo Child Blues Band
Jake Tavill & the Indigo Child Blues Band
Laura Cheadle
Laura Cheadle
If you’re longing for some real music that you can feel in your heart, lyrics that speak to your soul, and a live performance with the power to blow the roof off the sky, you can stop right here. If you’re tired of all the staged choreography, blinding light shows, capes, costumes, lip-synching and auto-tunes that seems to have taken over live performances, you have found a place to rest, refresh, and renew. Welcome to the world of Laura Cheadle.

Along with her Family Band, she has opened for some of the biggest names in the business and won numerous awards, including “Best Indie Jazz/Blues Band” at WXPN sponsored Tri- State Indie Music Awards. She has performed on stages from NYC to London, appeared on 6ABC’s “Tuned In” as the very first viewer’s choice, the “NBC 10″ Show, and the National reality show “Next Great Family Band.” Laura was recently featured in Curve Magazine, named one of “100 Women We Love” in Go Magazine, and declared a “Super Woman” in South Jersey Magazine for her active Charity Work.

Never one to measure herself according to the trends of the times or the female singer “flavor of the month,” Laura has carved out her own lane since she began performing as a child, and she has done it the old-fashioned way, on pure talent. Gifted with a voice powerful enough to shake rafters, and tender enough to navigate the entire range of the emotional scale, Laura Cheadle is a singer commanding more than just a listen or a look. Her albums, like her concerts, are an experience. Inseparable from the truth of the songs she writes, the raw emotion that tears out of her reaches deep into your heart with the kind of performance we now only see in films like “Woodstock.”

With a vocal style that is a mesmerizing blend of soulful blues and timeless rock with both feet planted firmly in funk, she brings her own unique interpretation to every song she sings, regardless of the genre she takes on. Whether it’s a concert of her own material, a sophisticated cabaret show, or a monster blues jam at the close of a festival, what you see and hear is what you’ll always get: the undeniable and unmistakable sound of Laura Cheadle
Bursting into the music scene with their debut EP “Ribcage Xylophone”, Badluxe is out to make a name as good as their sound. Collectively drawing from broad and eclectic musical tastes, Badluxe blends the best of pop, R&B, funk, and jazz to create something catchy, fun, and unforgettable. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Badluxe puts on a show as entertaining as their music.

The members of Badluxe met online through a Craigslist ad, starting a chance musical connection. After trying on several names and configurations over the course of two years, Badluxe has finally emerged a polished, serious band.
Cubbage is a self-producing and multi-instrumental folk/pop singer-songwriter based out of Philadelphia. He first started writing music with the alt rock duo Read the Program, until college had broken their paths, and he started to find his own sound. Cubbage started recording his first solo songs at Ithaca College School of Music where he studied Sound Recording Technology for 3 semesters.

After leaving school he immediately immersed himself in the world of recording with the goal of "putting down as many ideas as possible until I either run out of time or get tired of it," spending over 16 hours a day recording, mixing, arranging and writing in the month of February 2016, then mixing and mastering in April 2016.

In the Summer of 2016 he toured around the country (9,000 miles) in a van, playing shows, busking in every city and starting a project called "Songs for the Road" where he wrote and recorded a song each week, and filmed them live in cool spots he visited, later posting them on YouTube (The song Translucent was filmed in Yosemite National Park for instance). Before the trip, he was planning on finding a new home, but not soon after he started making his way west, he found that the he started to consider the road his home, always faithfully leading him to new and exciting experiences, people, and opportunities.

Cubbage has played in multiple festivals and music conferences such as Musikfest, Millennium Music Conferece, and Singer-Songwriter Cape May, featured as an artist on NoiseTrader's home page, played notable venues such as Rockwood Music Hall in NYC, Steel Stacks in Bethlehem PA, and The Haunt with previous band "Pollen," in Ithaca, and played keyboard for national touring funk band the Devyl Nelly's on their east coast tour.

Cubbage's first official EP entitled "Here & Now" is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, etc, and has so far gotten thousands of plays on multiple platforms, and radio play on radio stations in Lehigh Valley, Washington (PA), Aspen (Colorado), Ithaca, Lancaster, and more.

Cubbage's ultimate goal is to do what music has done for him, catalyzing individual change. "You can't make someone do something, but you can give them direction to make the choice themselves."
Venue Information:
River City Blues Club & Dart Room
819 S Cameron St
Harrisburg, PA, 17104