A Giddy Festivity !! GIDDY HOP - Shawan and the Wonton - Exmag

A Giddy Festivity !! GIDDY HOP - Shawan and the Wonton - Exmag

Sat. Aug 5, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$5.00 - $8.00

This event is 21 and over


Giddy. Hop (10:30 PM)

Giddy Hop can best be characterized by their hailing aspects of disco, deep house, and hip hop with synth infused artistry.

This innovative group fuses all these languages to create what they call social music to create "tomorrow’s music, tomorrow’s sound."


Shawan and the Wonton (9 PM)

Out of the gate, Shawan Rice brings with her a style that is unforgettable. Blues, jazz, r&b, she's got it with power. accompanied by Mike Dempsey on keys, Billy Cave lead guitar, Xander Moppin on bass, Jason Mescia on wind, and Logan Bedard and Dani Fiore on percussion, the sound is not to be missed. Hailing from pennsylvania, where great music is born, relocating to NOLA partime was the right move for shawan. expect great things from this group.

Exmag (12 AM)

Exmag is for the people!

Members of exmag ! soMEThing new

Giddy Hop
Giddy Hop
Collaborative project that comprises of Aly Darwish, Billy Cave, Connor Rohrer, and Joseph Shattls. Our music can best be described by aspects of disco, house, electronic, and African rhythms, with a rich soulful deep jazz vibe running throughout.
Shawan and the Wonton
Shawan and the Wonton
We are Shawan and the Wonton and we are 3 piece band out of Harrisburg pa. Shawan Rice plays guitar and is also the vocalist. Dan Delaney is the backbone on Drums and David Turby plays guitar. Shawan's influences vary from Conor Oberst to Amy Winehouse and brings a soulful sound to the band. David Turby's blues and jazz background also helps to create a Bluesy experience. Dan Delaney incorporates multiple drumming styles to bring everything together.
Venue Information:
River City Blues Club & Dart Room
819 S Cameron St
Harrisburg, PA, 17104